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Risk & Insurance

We provide advice on the analysis, evaluation and implementation of risk management for all types of individual and corporate clients. With key regard to the pre-eminent practices, processes and standards on risk management, Mayweathers provides timely, client-focused advice that is ever-cognisant of the fluctuating landscape of commercial risk management.

Mayweathers is well placed to provide advice on insurance and risk programs, audits, due diligence, global and individual policy coverage and insurances claims management and litigation. We can also provide advice on the minimisation of risks by reducing the need for untested indemnities between parties and replacing it with various insurance contracts designed to cover the real risk of property and commercial projects.

Mayweathers is often engaged to prosecute insurance claims relating to tax, finance, securities, building and construction, personal injury, professional negligence, medical negligence, intellectual property, consumer and administrative law to name only a few.


Mayweathers has you covered across all different facets of complex litigation and dispute resolution, property transactions and construction projects.

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