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Investigation of Potential Class Action In Relation To The Maribyrnong Flood And The Flemington Flood Wall

National Litigation Law Firm, Mayweathers, with the assistance of a major litigation funder, are currently investigating a potential class action on behalf of current owners, landlords, tenants and investors of properties and businesses that have been affected by the Maribyrnong Flood that occurred in October 2022 (“Maribyrnong Flood”).

It is alleged that the Maribyrnong Flood was exacerbated by the Flood Wall surrounding Flemington Racecourse (“Flemington Flood Wall”) and that this in turn caused damage to property and economic loss to those that have been impacted.


If you have been affected in the above manner by the Maribyrnong Flood, you can register your interest by providing your details below. Registration is free and without obligation. Merely registering via this web page does not bind you to any contract or commitment and does not create any solicitor-client relationship with any lawyers.

Please note that nothing on this web page represents an offer to participate in a litigation funding arrangement or scheme and is not a commitment by any person, including the lawyers, to fund or conduct an action or potential action in respect of the matters set out on this web page. There is no guarantee that the investigation will give rise to the prosecution of any claims. You should obtain independent legal advice concerning your rights and any personal claims that you may have in relation to matters referred to on this web page.

By registering an interest you consent to being contacted for the purposes of providing further information.

Our privacy policy applies to the information you provide via this registration. A copy of this privacy policy is available here. If you have any questions you can contact us by email on or by calling 02 8020 5720.


Class action on behalf of current or former owners, purchasers, landlords, investors and authorised representatives of deceased estates of properties located within a suburb located in the Camden LGA due to land subsidence.

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