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Shareholder Class Action

Fletcher Building Limited


A shareholder class action has been commenced against Fletcher Building Limited (‘Fletcher’) in the Supreme Court of Victoria (class action). This class action is conducted by Mayweathers, on behalf of a group of investors who held ASX-listed and NZX-listed FBU shares. The costs of pursuing the class action are being funded by CASL.

Claim Overview

ASX Code                    ASX:FBU                                                             _

NZX Code                    NZX:FBU                                                            _

ISIN                              NZFBUE0001S0_                                             __

Relevant Period           17 August 2016 to 24 October 2017 (inclusive)  


This class action alleges that Fletcher engaged in unlawful conduct that misled the ASX and NZX markets by announcing, maintaining and revising EBIT guidance for FY17 and FY18 that did not reflect the full extent of losses within the company’s Building + Interiors business unit (alleged unlawful conduct).


It is alleged that FBU investors who acquired and held ASX-traded or NZX-traded shares during the Relevant Period have suffered a loss as a result of the alleged unlawful conduct and have a reasonable basis to seek to recover their losses from Fletcher.

Class Members

This is an open class action in which all persons who acquired ASX-traded or NZX-traded FBU shares during the Relevant Period, being 17 August 2016 to 24 October 2017 (inclusive), are group members.

How can affected investors participate in this class action?

If you believe you may be a group member in this shareholder class action, you can register your expression of interest by clicking on the “REGISTER HERE” button below, which will direct you to CASL's web page and contact information. Registrants will receive further information about the class action, including on how to participate and updates about the progress of the class action. Registering your interest does not create any obligation to participate in the class action.

You can contact the Mayweathers class action team by emailing them at or by telephone on 61 2 8020 5720.


Class action on behalf of on behalf of a group of investors who held ASX-listed and NZX-listed FBU shares.

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