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Notary Public Services

We can provide expedient and timely assistance in matters requiring notarial input and can do so across our entire network of offices.


Our notaries will provide you with an over-the-phone cost estimate based on the description of the services you require. We strive to provide great value notary public services and may provide discounts where multiple notarial certificates are required. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Some of the ways we strive to provide great value notary public services include:

  1. Extended trading hours - You will not incur additional surcharges if you attend our CBD location after hours.

  2. Discounts for multiple certificates - On many occasions we can provide discounts for multiple notarial certificate.

  3. Over-the-phone estimates with fees fixed on document production - Accurate cost estimates over the phone with written confirmation of fixed-fee on provision of documents.

  4. Low-cost CBD visits - Our notaries will happily travel anywhere in the Sydney or Parramatta CBD without you incurring any travel charges.

Our notaries can assist with:

  1. Authenticating identity for individuals and status for corporations.

  2. Certifying and authenticating copies of documents for use overseas.

  3. Administering oaths for use overseas.

  4. Certification of the due execution of documents for use overseas.

  5. Witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations, deeds and other documents for use overseas.

  6. Noting and certifying Ship's protest.


Mayweathers has you covered across all different facets of complex litigation and dispute resolution, property transactions and construction projects.

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