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Class Actions

Mayweathers can effectively legally manage class action cases from merit investigation to book build to the prosecution of the case in court for plaintiffs and group members.

Mayweathers understands that it takes more than just legal, procedural and case knowledge and that astute case management skills and a thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives are vital components in maximising the prospects of achieving a successful resolution in large and complex class action projects.

Balancing the dictates of justice with managing the commercial realities of class action projects is what drives us to consistently offer focussed, quality and pragmatic management of legal and litigation risk that is critical to successful class action project prosecution and resolution.

Mayweathers also has the ability to tap into its strong network of international and local experienced litigation funders whom appreciate our skill as litigators and pragmatic approach.

Mayweathers is also able to call upon its broader disputes and transaction teams to provide cutting edge insight, which adds to our ability to prosecute class actions within multi-faceted subject areas and industries.